De l'évaluation pronostique à la prise en charge globale de l'insuffisance cardiaque

Jeudi 17 Janvier 2013   09:00-10:30   Salle 353
Communications libres
09:00 • Rachid Mechmeche
Short and long term prognostic value of aortic pre ejection delay in ischemic myocardiopathy
09:15 • Caroline Vaillant
Clinical evidence of LBBB-induced cardiomyopathy: reversal by cardiac resynchronisation
09:30 • Philippe Bordier
Short- and long-term effects of nocturnal oxygen therapy on sleep apnea in chronic heart failure
Treatment of heart failure in the real life: clinical inertia early after discharge worsens outcome
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Recipients and donors profile evolution in cardiac transplantation. Single centre ten years experience.
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